Ves 3 unblocked

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Are you looking for an exciting game that will make your adrenaline rush? Stretch your fingers and play the thrilling game series of Vex. Help the stick figure make it through to the exit doors. Although, how careful can you go?


Each and every installment of the Vex game series is enjoyable to play. However, the third installment, Vex 3, will give you much fun. What more, there is now vex 3 unblocked version. That means you can play Vex 3 anytime and anywhere. That means you can play it even when you are at home, in the office or in the school. But be it clear that this is not an encouragement for you to neglect work or school in exchange of playing the game.

Like the previous versions of Vex, the game vex 3 unblocked version is consists of ten challenging levels, or Acts as they are known in Vex. There are also nine Challenge stages where your skills will be put into test. And as ever, there are tons of deadly obstacles blocking or shooting your way. You really have to be very careful in eluding them or else they will cause your untimely death.

Just like in the previous versions of Vex, there is another game mode to play in vex 3 unblocked version and that is the Stage Builder mode. In this mode, you can create your own Act or stage. What is nice about Vex 3 is the completion of tools for objects, obstacles and platforms. You can right away build your desired stages as inspired by the game itself without having to finish the Acts first. However, if you still want more objects, obstacles or platforms, you can unlock more when you play the game.

While you and enjoy, there are trophies to complete too. You can visit the Trophies room to see what you have already accomplished and what you still need to achieve. There are about forty trophies for you to collect while having fun playing vex 3 unblocked version. Challenge your self and even your friends to complete all trophies.