red ball 3 level 10

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Do you want a game that will help you relieve your stresses in life? Or do you want a worthy spare time? Then check this to play: Red Ball game series. Red Ball is an exciting adventure puzzle game. And definitely, the story of the third episode will not only captivate your interest but will surely entertain you as well.


In Red Ball 3, the adorable petite Red Ball has tumbled in love with the attractive Pink Ball. While in a park, a black ball saw them and wished of being together with Pink Ball. Suddenly, the black ball knocked down Red ball and he snatched Pink Ball. In this game chapter, you will play as Red Ball and your task is to salvage Pink Ball from Black Ball. There are twenty breathtaking and challenging levels for you to have fun while accomplishing your mission. Go and try to reach the red flag at the end of every level. Checkpoints are located along your way. Make sure to pass through those checkpoints so the red flag will move up. See if you can surpass level 10.

The journey of saving Pink Ball will not be that easy as you think. There will be a lot of obstacles along the way. If you were able to play the previous episodes of this game, more or less you are already familiar with some like the axes, spikes and lifts. Though, there are new obstacles in this episode like the push buttons that control many obstacles as well as the levers that can operate a lot of things. While going through every level, do not forget to collect all the gold and silver stars that you will see along your way. They will give you better scores.

Red Ball 3 has more exciting and challenging levels that you will surely enjoy, check this to play. And in case you got trapped in any of the levels, you are allowed to watch some videos of other players who had successfully played the game. But it is recommended that you try to solve each and every level of the game for additional fun and entertainment in playing the game. check this to play the game for free.