Race against time in Earn to die 4

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A new zombie game is coming! If you have been playing the Earn to Die game series, you will surely love yet another sequel of the game, the Earn to Die 4: License to Mayhem. However, the newest version is not about smashing zombies. This time, you will race against time aiming to reach the goal as fast as possible and before time runs out. There are twelve routes to race; each route has time limit to race.

You will earn cash as you race and you may also unlock achievements. There are 30 achievements to unlock. After each route, be sure to drop by in the garage to upgrade your car before racing on the next level. You can also unlock three more cars when you meet the requirements for unlocking. And one nice thing in this game, your upgrade in the first car is compatible with the next one. So why don’t you give it a try?