Protect your town in Defend The Tower

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If you enjoy playing tower defense games, Defend The Tower game will surely give you fun. The enemies, the shade hordes, have crossed from the plane of shadows. It is your duty to stop them. Defend your tower and your city from the onslaught of the shade hordes. You will be shooting these shades hordes using your mouse to eliminate them. You will earn points as you kill enemies. At the end of the level, you can use these points in upgrading your tower’s life, weapons, town’s life, wall and others.

The status bar shows your current level, your points, the tower’s health, the town’s health and how many enemies are left in the level. There are various kinds of shades hordes, the tougher the enemy, the higher score it gives. Take note that every enemy you let fall destroys your town. Defend the Tower is a strategy action game.