Play Earn to Die Unblocked

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The Earn to Die game series had caught the hearts and eyes of many game players online. Its addicting game play will get you hooked up for hours. And if you are looking for a game where you can relax during your free time, the Earn to Die unblocked version is the perfect game for you.

The first Earn to Die started when your hometown was invaded by the zombies. You were one of the very few survivors. Not willing to give up, you looked for a way to escape from all those zombies. Using your binoculars, you saw from not so far away a helicopter. Believing that the helicopter could transport you come place safe, you aim to get there. But you need a car or any vehicle to get to the helicopter.

There are three available vehicles: the small hatchback, the good old pickup and the heavy truck. Unfortunately, behind all the chaos, you can only afford the smallest and the weakest of the three vehicles which is the small hatchback. Take note that only the heavy truck can reach the helicopter provided it is fully upgraded. Earn cash by plowing hordes of zombies. You also earn cash depending on the distance your vehicle had run. Each run is equivalent to a day. Your vehicle will perform better if you upgrade at the end of the day.


When you have earned enough cash, you can buy the tougher vehicles. Buying the second toughest, the good old pickup, is not a prerequisite to acquire the toughest vehicle, the heavy truck. Though, it might take you longer if you decide to save cash for the heavy truck instead of buying the good old pickup. Be reminded that your main goal in Earn to Die games is to reach your final destination at the shortest time possible.

Earn to Die also has an unblocked version. That means you can now play Earn to Die anywhere you are. You can play it at home, at school, in the office or wherever you might be. However, unblocked versions are not to encourage you to neglect your studies, work or any duties and responsibilities.