On the tail of the Drug Syndicate Leader in Sniper Assassin 5

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Mr. J is really slick, after killing Shawn’s wife, now he kills Ben, a co-agent and a dear friend to Shawn. Having his loved ones die before his hands, the sniper vows both to his wife and friend that he will hunt Mr. J even if it costs his life.

Sniper Assassin 5 (3)

In Sniper Assassin 5: Final, you will deal off with more enemies and harder challenges as you close down on the killer of both Shawn’s wife and friend one step closer. Finish off the leader of FFG Corp before he kills another, or the sniper himself. You play as Shawn, and you are on the mission of searching the murderer of your wife and your friend. After punching lots of holes on to other people’s skull, with your help, Shawn can punch a hole on Mr’J’s skull. The controls are pretty much the same, you use the mouse to maneuver the scope and find enemies. Left click to fire and an addition is the zoom in and zoom out function, where you use Z and X respectively. Since you are a sniper, you will be dealing off with enemies in great distances, there will be very tiny targets that you can barely hit without zooming in. The weapons in Sniper Assassin 5 are still not upgradable but like the other titles, it changes accordingly on the mission you are doing. You will also be working with new crewmates that you need to protect on some missions. The puzzling in Sniper Assassin 5 has still some tricks off its sleeve that you won’t expect. Unlike the previous titles there is more color present in the game and they managed to incorporate some special features on the stickman figures.

If you have been playing the Sniper Assassin series then you are waiting for this one. Knowing that this is the final installment, expect the game to be more difficult and longer than the previous ones. Know the story afterwards on what will happen to Shawn and his new crew. Visit http://sniperassassin5.net to play the game.