Guide the 3 Pandas in the jungle

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Are you like physics based games, try playing 3 Pandas. These three cute Panda bears need your help! Some poachers had invaded the pandas’ island and captured these three brainy pandas. They intended to bring them aboard. You must help these three pandas escape from the bad poachers using their own capabilities and skills. But it is not enough that they escape from the poachers.

3 Pandas (1)

When they have escaped from the ship, they sailed to an island they thought was their home. You have to help them survive the jungle they thought was the way to their home. Surpass the many challenges along their way. . Each panda has his own ability you can use in different situations they have to surpass. You can throw the little one up, the tallest can hold the other two while hanging and the stoutest and carry up the two if you need reaching up.