Go Smash and Blast Baseball 2

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If you are into sports and you like playing baseball, try your luck in playing Smash and Blast Baseball 2. See for yourself if you can smash each ball on time and hit one of the targets. When the pitch is about to come, an indicator ball will appear.

Smash and Blast Baseball 2

Click on the ball to set the direction and strength of your swing. The longer you drag your arrow, the stronger your swing. Know that where you click the indicator ball determines the lift of the pitched ball you will hit: if you click at the bottom, the ball will go upward; if in the middle, the ball will go straight and if you click on the top, the ball with go downward. To level up, you should surpass the challenge in each level. Each level has a different challenge. Enjoy eleven levels of Smash and Blast Baseball 2.