Gloomy Truck: Drive Swiftly and Safely

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Get ready for a game that will surely test your diving skills with Gloomy Truck. Gloomy Truck is a flash game that is not about racing against other cars or trucks towards a finish line, nor it is a racing game with enemies that you have to shoot at in order for them to stop bugging you. The game is about successfully driving through very challenging roads with lots of obstacles to deliver goods in the same manner as they were originally loaded to your truck.

Gloomy Truck (3)

Get a glimpse of your gloomy truck and you will surely want to try this challenging game of driving. Each level will have various types of challenges for you to complete. Different types of cargoes needs to be delivered in one piece and on time. The faster you finish each level, the bigger the score bonus that is awarded to you. So always keep in mind to drive swiftly and safely.