Find the treasures in Duck Life 5

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If you are looking for a fun game to enjoy, then join the little duckling in his newest adventure in Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt. It is said to be the most popular and the most exciting of all Duck Life game series. It differs from the previous versions of the game for in this installment, your duckling is on a mission to find treasures.


After the Fire Duck has been defeated, the volcano became dormant. Rumors of a secret treasure in the cave of the volcano spread out. Treasure hunters all over the world began to travel to the cave. Your duckling is among those who aspire to find the mysterious treasures. Help your duckling find and get said mysterious treasures first before other treasure hunters find them.

Collect as much gold coin as you can. Avoid all kinds of obstacles and try to reach as far as possible. The gold coins you will collect will also be you cash. Right outside the cave are the different stores where you can buy lots of tools, accessories and pets. Yes, there is now a Pet Store where you can find all sorts of pets which will be of great help as you venture in the cave. Then there is the Mechanic Shop where you can buy high tech devices. In the Hairdresser Shop, you can change your duckling’s eyes, hair, tattoo and color of the eyes. You can change your hat and clothes in the Clothing store. There is also the JetStore pack where, as the name implies, you can buy high tech jetpacks. And finally, the witch Ducktor Shop where you can buy coin magnets. Buying tools, accessories and pets for your duckling would be great. Only, you have to earn the required amount to buy such.

When you enter the cave, you will be shown a window of Challenges. You will be able to complete these Challenges as you play. Try to complete them all for they do not only increase your score, they also give you extra cash.

Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt is a fun adventure game. You can play the game for free at