Dummy Never Fails: A Physics Inspired Game

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Inspired by one of the most loved subjects, or maybe not, that all of us have studied for sure, which is Physics, comes another interesting flash game. This game that I am talking about is called Dummy Never Fails. The game’s name may appear a little silly but the game is not silly at all. It is named as such because it involves dummies.

Dummy Never Fails (1)

In this game, you are going to launch dummies from your cannon and hit the target but also keeping in mind to not cause too much pain on the dummies which is shown on a pain scale on top of the screen. Well, it may sound a little silly now knowing that dummies don’t really have feelings such as pain but that little fun factor is added so as to make the game more challenging and fun. Aren’t you curious enough to play this game? Then check it out on its official website.