Check out Strike Force Heroes 4

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A lot of games are now available online whatever categories you like. Another good thing is that, a lot of those games are also free for the satisfaction of online gamers, you need to check this. If you love shooting games, Strike Force Heroes game series is the one worth trying to play. It is a war-like game full of action and adventure. Every episode of this game will surely captivate your interest and will surely entertain you for hours.

The latest strike force heroes, Strike Force Heroes 4, is another captivating and entertaining game. You will definitely love shooting the enemies while applying unique strategies and techniques. It is all about shooting all enemies in the battlefield. You have to be speedy than your enemies. Kill them before they kill you.

In the latest strike force heroes, there are two modes to play the game: the Challenges game mode and the Campaigns game mode. The Campaigns game mode is not that hard if you have the accurate weapons and well-trained team. New weapons will be unlocked when you finish a mission. You can also buy weapons in the game shop using your earned cash while playing the game. You can also win heavy and powerful weaponries when you play the slot machine. Powerful weapons are badly needed during the battle, you need to check this.


In the Challenges game mode, your skills will be tested once more. You will be facing death matches where you need to survive and finish the level. When you finish a level, additional skills will be unlocked. Bur if you cannot wait for that skill to be unlocked, you can purchase skills in the game shop in exchange for your soldiers.

As you play the latest chapter of strike force heroes, Strike Force Heroes 4, you need to collect flags from your enemies. Every level has unalike situations in collecting flags: some will entail you to kill soldiers as many as possible while some will require you to kill only a certain number of enemies. Some may only ask you to earn a certain number of points for that level. Playing Strike Force Heroes 4 will definitely make your day because it is full of entertaining missions, you need to check this.