Bring back the kittens in Kitty Kingdom

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“A cat is one of the usual domestic animals. There are three reasons why it is well domesticated. First reason is because it is cute, cuddly and calm. It is usually soft and calm with its actions that makes it more enjoyable to take care. Second reason is because it manages to understand simple things if trained in a specific span of time which makes it very intelligent. Last reason is because it can take out the stress that a person experiences just by looking at it or by cuddling with it. There is a flash game that tackles cats and it is called Kitty Kingdom.

The story in this game is that a clumsy sorceress cast a spell that made all the kittens disappear on the Kitty Kingdom. The player will have to deal with a cat that has a mission to find and collect all the kittens in each level. There are easy moments that you can experience and there are really tough ones. You can play this game by searching for it online now!