Awesome Tanks

Have you ever dreamed about getting your own tank and fighting against other tank? Can imagine how explosive and fun it would be? Well now you don’t have to imagine because with Awesome Tanks 1 you will sure get that fun and explosive experience! With your orange tank, fight against your enemies and eliminate them. You get to choose from different weapons and as your level goes up, more weapons will be available for you to choose from. To play the game and get more information about the controls and how to play it, click the link provided:
Have super fun with this very exciting game! Fight against other tanks and unlock special rewards and achievements by being the best tank in the game. What are you waiting for? Click the link above and play Awesome Tanks 1 now!

Awesome Tanks 1

Get excited with Rooney on the Rampage has created the game Rooney on the Rampage for the people who like playing with cards. You will find Rooney angry and sad about the red car he owns and now he is a bit happy because he has gotten some great ideas from the Zidane’s world cup acting and performance. Butt your way using your mouse clicking or pressing the space bar key on the designed field. This action game is easy to handle and play. It was launched at 8th of Feb, 2014, and played more than 44,000 times from the players around all over the world.
Play it, and I am sure you will be forced to give it thumbs. Teens from all over the world prefer it to play and spend their most of day time, as it can make them excited.

Rooney on the Rampage

Enjoy super music with Penguin Skate 2

Enjoy this 2nd version of a popular series of online games Penguin Skate 2. The game is the best way to enjoy your holidays with your friends and family. Use arrow keys and the Space key in the whole game. Moving is possible with the arrow keys while jumping and flying can be performed via the Space key.
Not only the game is enjoyable, but you can enjoy its background music as well. The game is suitable for kids and adults equally. It seems that the music is taken from Super Mario 64 or from another game similar to that.

Think before you act in Endless War 3

An addictive and fun game is ready to please you. Endless War 3 is another edition of the series of popular Endless War games. These games are created by Vitaly Zaborov. The amazing thing about this version is that you will find all the versions of this game, including 1 and 2, and I think it is nice if you need to refresh the memory with the previous versions. Need to know how to play it? It’s just like the other shooting games.
This game is related to the shooter genre, and you have to use a little bit of a perfect strategy. It means that you should not walk straight into the field of war and kill any man you see, but you must think before you perform.

Mario Star Scramble 2 – Special Game for Kids

Mario is a most desired game specially for small kids or young teenagers. It is a great game with loads of editions and versions depending on your preferences. Some of the versions are challenging while some are funny. Some of the striking types of Mario games include Mario Forever, Mario Star Scramble 2, Mario Snow, Old Mario and many more games.

The most wanted Super Mario fan game returns in a consequence with new levels, secrets and enemies. Here we have got for you Mario Star Scramble 2.
In this game, your target is to gather all the shine sprites and beat Bowser to save the Mushroom Kingdom within a limited time.
How to play: While playing use the ARROW KEYS to move and to jump you have to press “Z” KEY or SPACEBAR to jump or select a stage. You have to be very careful, don’t touch any other creature, then you’re lost! It is a great run as well as jump game. You can free download it. Have fun!

Learn Management in Penguin Diner 4

Penguin Diner 4 is a restaurant management game where you have to manage the diner with skills to satisfy the customers and earn money. This is the 4th edition of of the same series and can be played in .
in this game, you have to earn a certain amount of money and upgrade your accessories to make it easy to serve the customers. You have to be quick because the waiting customers are also need to be served. If you make them late, they will get angry and leave the restaurant. And that is totally a loss for you in case you want to earn more money. The game control is simple with point and click. Therefore, you can play Penguin Diner 4 at ease.

Go Go Bananas game-Funny Game

Go Go Bananas game is a 2D game where you have to catch bananas as many as possible. The main character of this game is Jake and your role is to help Jake.
Go Go Bananas game starts with a simple tutorial on how to play this game. This is why you will not feel difficulties to find the controls. Just the left and right arrow keys are enough to play the game. When the bad people try to destroy bananas, you have to catch them with a basket. The more bananas you catch in a limited time, you will get more point. Be careful, if a banana fall in the ground, don’t step on it. You will lose balance and lose more bananas.


Monster Truck Destroyer-Be A Destroyer

Many of us like an acting game with a rush to do something destructively. In this Monster Truck Destroyer game you will get the chance to crush anything with your monster trucks. In this game there are many ways you can destroy things with your unstoppable monster truck.
The game is to destroy as many vehicles as you can. The more you destroy them the more points you will get. In this game you are to drive a monster truck which can be stopped by any external force. Start the game and go to the end point while destroying other vehicles. Control your car by the arrow keys. With those huge types there is o match to stop your car. But you have to go through big objects. So, carefully control your truck otherwise it will go upside down. Play this racing game and have a great time.


Warlords Epic Conflict-Battle Game

Warlords Epic Conflict is a wonderful game which has awesome graphics and the concept of this game is amazing. The game is very interesting one and this game can help you to have great time and you will have awesome time from this free flash game.
Warlords Epic Conflict is the game where you will have to kill the enemies and for that you will have to kill the enemies. You will be doing battle with the enemies and it will give you fun. The game is very good for passing time and you can have lots of fun from this game. The game is going to give you lots of fun and you should not miss this game. Here your task is to control your army and continue the battle to win it. This game has extreme graphics and it is going to make your day amazing and thrilling.


Park My Big Rig 2-Drive Big Vehicle

Park My Big Rig 2 is the second installment of the series game which is available online right now and it will help you to get lots of fun. In this game you will have to drive the vehicle carefully and you will have to take it to the destination and park it to the right place.
Park My Big Rig 2 is free game to play and it will give you a great time. You can play it online for free whenever you like and it will help you to get lots of fun. The game is free to play and it will help you to pass great time. The game has amazing graphics and you will have to park it to the destination and it will give you nice time. You can play it for free and it will help you to pass amazing time. It is a free game to play and it is going to give you great time and it will help you to enjoy your time with lots of fun.


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