Be creative in Holly Hobbie: Muffin Maker

Muffins are delicious tasty breads. And it will look yummier if you put some decorations. If you love baking, you will surely be enthusiast about Holly Hobbie: Muffin Maker. It is a cooking game where the Hey Girls, Holly, Hobbie and Amy wanted to help Holly’s aunt. They are to decorate muffins while the muffins are in line production. Help these girls to put on icing, sprinkles and fruit bits perfectly. You may not perfect the decorations at first but you will surely get the grip easily.

Holly Hobbie Muffin Maker' (2)

Click the left button of your mouse on the decoration to release or sprinkle on the muffin. Remember that practice makes perfect. Decorate muffins in the three levels of the game. Click on the muffins for a free recipe after each level. That means you should be quick on clicking the decorations. The game can be let to children for having no violence.

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Drive fast and kill zombies endlessly in Earn To Die 2012 Part 2

Are you looking for a flash game that incorporates different vehicles? Are you looking for zombie-themed graphics and gameplay? Are you amazed with collecting virtual cash or money? If yes, then you will surely like this article. There is a flash game that involves all the mentioned questions earlier. The game is called Earn To Die 2012 Part 2. This game will surely excite, thrill and challenge players. Through skimming and scanning the whole content of this article, you will be enlightened anew about this game.

This is the part 2 of the special edition from Earn To Die. The objective is still the same which is to smash and crush zombies to reach the goal line. You can do this by utilizing vehicles that are available on the garage. There are three types of vehicles and the first one is a fire truck. After you have earned enough cash, you can upgrade it in a big rig and the finals vehicle is the flatbed truck. There are three levels that a player will have to pass such as the Forgotten Hills, Silent Woods and White Peak. Visit it main website which


Bring back the kittens in Kitty Kingdom

“A cat is one of the usual domestic animals. There are three reasons why it is well domesticated. First reason is because it is cute, cuddly and calm. It is usually soft and calm with its actions that makes it more enjoyable to take care. Second reason is because it manages to understand simple things if trained in a specific span of time which makes it very intelligent. Last reason is because it can take out the stress that a person experiences just by looking at it or by cuddling with it. There is a flash game that tackles cats and it is called Kitty Kingdom.

The story in this game is that a clumsy sorceress cast a spell that made all the kittens disappear on the Kitty Kingdom. The player will have to deal with a cat that has a mission to find and collect all the kittens in each level. There are easy moments that you can experience and there are really tough ones. You can play this game by searching for it online now!


Challenge your friends to play Slime Volleyball 2

Do you love playing or watching volleyball? Then you will absolutely have fun with Slime Volleyball 2, the sequel of Slime Volleyball. In this online sports game, you have the option to play against the computer or against a friend. You will have to compete in five levels and whoever gets six points first will be the winner in that level. Just like in the ordinary volleyball game, you can touch the ball as many times as you want as long as it does not touch the ground.


If it is your first time to play Slime Volleyball 2, it would be best to play with the computer first to practice and familiarize yourself with the control keys. And when you feel you are good enough and can win it, challenge your friends to play with you and show off. Play the game and feel the excitement it brings.

Mofe Fun with Free Toddler Games

Keeping up with toddlers during their “active” days can become a handful for parents or family members to handle in some days. That is why this website developed a page dedicated to provide all sorts of games for toddlers not just to keep them physically grounded in a way but most importantly learning as well. In the site given above, there is a huge variety of flash games for toddlers to play and exercise their creative thinking which in their stage is very important.

These games can be very helpful because toddlers tend to focus on them because of their bright colors and fun characters that they usually see on televisions. Although the games on the site are intended for toddlers, there should always be a parent or an adult supervising the child in his activities especially with the internet for safety reasons pertaining to any adult content that may come unexpectedly.

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Dummy Never Fails: A Physics Inspired Game

Inspired by one of the most loved subjects, or maybe not, that all of us have studied for sure, which is Physics, comes another interesting flash game. This game that I am talking about is called Dummy Never Fails. The game’s name may appear a little silly but the game is not silly at all. It is named as such because it involves dummies.

Dummy Never Fails (1)

In this game, you are going to launch dummies from your cannon and hit the target but also keeping in mind to not cause too much pain on the dummies which is shown on a pain scale on top of the screen. Well, it may sound a little silly now knowing that dummies don’t really have feelings such as pain but that little fun factor is added so as to make the game more challenging and fun. Aren’t you curious enough to play this game? Then check it out on its official website.

Gloomy Truck: Drive Swiftly and Safely

Get ready for a game that will surely test your diving skills with Gloomy Truck. Gloomy Truck is a flash game that is not about racing against other cars or trucks towards a finish line, nor it is a racing game with enemies that you have to shoot at in order for them to stop bugging you. The game is about successfully driving through very challenging roads with lots of obstacles to deliver goods in the same manner as they were originally loaded to your truck.

Gloomy Truck (3)

Get a glimpse of your gloomy truck and you will surely want to try this challenging game of driving. Each level will have various types of challenges for you to complete. Different types of cargoes needs to be delivered in one piece and on time. The faster you finish each level, the bigger the score bonus that is awarded to you. So always keep in mind to drive swiftly and safely.

Some Football Action on Return Man

If you love football so much and has ever dreamed of playing it, then it is high time you stop the dreaming and play football with Return Man. In this game of serious football action, the goal is to score for your team by catching the ball and then running it towards the end of the opponent’s line to score a goal for your team. Sounds easy right?


But take note that there are also opponent players that will try their best to tackle and stop you from doing so. When they succeed to stop you, then you will lose a possession, lose all four possession and you ultimately lose the game and shall start again. However, if you score four goals, then your team wins the game. You think you can handle it? Then check out this game on and put those skill to the test.

Pick Your Monster In Play With Monsters!

Monsters are kids’ favorite game characters! So in this game kids, but adults as well, can enjoy these amazing creatures. Monsters form part of many games and they can be really funny, but also scary. Depending of the object of the game, they can be sweet or they can be dangerous.

There are many games with monsters, but this one is really unique. Kids just love their appearance because it is more interesting than some regular characters. If you have an adventurous spirit, you will certainly enjoy this game. The purpose of Play With Monsters is to train your monster for different missions. But before you start you can choose your monster among various monsters. Then you will prepare it for some challenges that this game provides. We won’t reveal too much of the game, but what you need to know is that it is pretty challenging and provides a lot of fun!


Play with others in Pandemic 3

If you enjoyed playing Pandemic 1 and 2 before, you will surely enjoy Pandemic 3 more. The strategy game can now be played with other players; with friends, relatives or players from all over the world. It is your job to develop a deadly virus. Infect humans and spread this virus all over the world with the intention to bring death to the human race.

Earn points while the death toll is rising up. Use these points to improve the characteristics of your virus. Modify your virus by pressing the modify button; increase its lethality, infectivity and drug resistance. Remember that the humans are intelligent beings and can find a cure fast. So you have to spread the virus fast and strong before they find a cure against you. Pandemic 3 is a strategy game good for bonding with the family and with friends.


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