Hot Dog Bush 2: Make Your Own Business!

A funny flash game is Hot Dog Bush 2 which about making own business. This game might be helpful for you for giving idea of how to get success in business and be a vendor. So don’t waste time and play now.
You are going to play the role of Bush and have to do Street Food business of Hot Dogs and some other fast foods as well. You will be assigned to gain a certain amount of money in per stage and you have to reach that goal. If you cannot reach the goal, you won’t be promoted to the next stage. Keep in mind that whenever the customers will order foods, you have to serve those on time otherwise they will get bad impression and leave you food house. So always be prepared and fast about making and serving foods. Have fun!!

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Escape The Bad Guy And Reach The End In Gravity Boy

This is a great platform game that you can play to relax in your spare time. It is very addictive and exciting! Your hero is a little space guy that uses the gravity to move through the platform. Your hero will be automatically moving to a right side.
Your task is to make him move on the ground or on the ceiling. You will use just your space key to invert the gravity. But he has some bad guy after him and you need to help him get away. He needs to reach the end of the platform and not get caught. There will also be some obstacles that you need to overcome. So you need to be very skillful in order to escape the bad guy. This game also features a multiplayer mode and that’s the most interesting part. You will get points based on you speed and distance you make.


Stunt Pilot 2: Hoop It Up

If you want to experience the hype of roaming above the sky, Stunt Pilot 2 will give it to you. So, here are the findings of what you will expect throughout this spectacular game. If you are particular with the old cellular phone game Bounce, Stunt Pilot 2 is kind of similar.
You will have to maneuver a helicopter in mid air and make sure to get them through the hoops. That’s when the exit will only be available. There are available coins so you can earn higher points but, they are placed somewhere that is not easy to make. It will surely bring out the challenge for you. You must not hit any of the objects in the obstacle, the hoops, the hot air balloons, the towers, etc, or else you will explode and will have to repeat the level. So, if you enjoyed the findings of the game, better start playing now.

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Deliver The Cargo With Gloomy Truck

More racing, more speed, more fun! This kind of games fans will love Gloomy Truck. You are driving a truck and you have some tasks to complete. You have to deliver some items to the right place and try not to damage or lose them on your way. There will be some obstacles on your way that you need to avoid. Isn’t it quite challenging? You will enjoy the graphics and the music of this game. It contributes to the dramatic and exciting atmosphere.
You will be given different kinds of cargo that you will need to deliver to a certain place. But you need to pay attention to the rough paths and broken cars in the way. Even if it is easy to control, since you are using only your arrow keys, you need to be very careful at playing this game. If you like driving, vehicles and challenge, try out this game!

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Guide the spikey haired stick man in Fancy Pants World

Tired of the usual flash game seen online? Then there is a new offering for you that will surely changed your perspective in flash game. The one that will be tackled in this article is about Fancy Pants World. This is a great and fun game for people who are looming for a new flavor when it comes to gaming. There are two reasons why you should play this game. One is because of its easy controls where you don’t have to memorize complicated keys. Second reason is the involvement of a stickman which is quite cute and quirky.
As a player, you will have to control the main character which is a spikey haired stick man to overcome the level he is. Jump, run and roll the stickman depending on the situation at hand. But beware of the spiders and cannon shooters because if they hurt the stick man three times, that means the game is over. This wonderful game can be found at online.


Unique driving purpose in Towing Mania

It is understandable that there are many flash games about driving. The tendency with this event is that maybe some players will be confused, bored and get lazy playing such games because they are practically the same. It is now up to the creator on how to make the game interesting and unique despite the fact that the game is about driving. One game that shows uniqueness is Towing Mania. From the title alone, you can easily determine that it is a different type of driving game.
The great thing about this game is that players can have a simulation of how to tow a car because in this game, the player’s role is to drive a towing truck. The player must rule the street and be an authoritative figure that tows cars and other vehicles in designated places and points. Towing Mania is a great example of a game being interesting and unique even if it is about driving.


Fancy Pants 4: Run, Slide, Jump And Have Fun

Fancy pants 4 is made for funny games lover and it is suited for children of all ages, as well as for adults. Our hero wears baggy pants and a silly hair. He jumps, slides down the walls, spins, rolls down hillsides, while collecting some great swirlies. The goal is to collect as many of them. It is a very adventurous game, full of excitement and action. The graphics are cartoonish and very simple. As you are moving through the game, collecting swirlies and opening levels, there will also be some bonus rounds.
These rounds will help you collect some other useful items. You have the option to turn the sound off and if you want to pause the game, you should use your spacebar key. To control the game you should use your arrow keys. You can also do some interesting tricks like back flips and get some extra bonuses. Play this game and have fun at .


Prevent accidents in Crash Town

There are different types of drivers existing. One is a disciplined driver who follows traffic rules and maintain a normal speed when driving. Second is a normal driver who drives moderate speed but sometimes violate minor rules in certain circumstances. Last one is the wreckless driver who drives without thinking about the rules which can be violated such as overspeeding and beating the red lights rule. Wreckless driving can also pertain to drunk driving or under the influence or alcohol and illegal drugs. Maybe you are wondering why these statements are written in this article. The reason is that there is a connection with the topic called Crash Town. This game is a car game with a very interesting objective.
The scenario is that the player is in a city where bad drivers are living. Each day, tons of accidents happened because of wreckless driving. It is the player’s responsibility to prevent the accidents by properly placing certain signs at different places to make the flow of traffic smooth. Crash Town is indeed a unique flash game.

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Practice Multitasking in Beauty Resort

One of the most popular themes among girls and individuals who love beauty and pampering is dress up and beauty play. This theme can surely hook the taste of many people who love to find ways or mediums to relax their minds and enjoy their free time with worth playing flash games. There are games that enable to teach young minds about self-appreciation and building confidence with what they look and feel in and out. Beauty Resort is a good example where young ones and even adults can really learn a lot. Beauty Resort is about managing a luxurious resort and spa. The main character is Heather that players have to help managing such beauty business. Time management is necessary because the player needs to multitask in engaging with different customers and guests.
One needs to have fun playing while practicing to manage a virtual beauty business in Beauty Resort. Players will really learn a lot from this game such as the importance of beauty and relaxation as well as a simulation of managing a business.

beauty resort

Survive the Maze in Scary Maze Game 5

Scary Maze Game series is now at the fifth serving, which is the Scary Maze Game 5. Just like in the previous versions, the player needs to guide the ball towards the red box without touching the walls or else, he or he has to restart the game. There are three reasons why this version is scarier and more exciting than the previous ones.
First reason is the number of levels that players can enjoy which totals to 5. These five levels are not walks in the park because the maze gets narrower and tinier. Second reason is the shortcut presented which will make it easier for the player to move the ball. Last reason is the surprise characters that the players will encounter while they are in the game which will either make him or her laugh or scared to death. Scary Maze Game will surely give chill and thrill to anyone who will play it. One must be focus and brave enough to pass the maze. Try this thrilling game now!

Scary Maze Game 5

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