Return the gem in Cactus Mccoy 1

Do you like a game that involves a unique story and mission? If your answer is a yes, then you are in for a treat because this article is intended to inform the readers about a flash game which possesses the characteristic mentioned in the question asked previously. The title of the flash game is Cactus Mccoy 1. This is developed by Flipline Studios. The main character in this game is named Mccoy.


In this game, h e is cursed when he stole the precious gem in the cavern. For the continuation of the story, you can rely on the next paragraph. For Mccoy to be human again, he must run, jump and punch his cactus body through the cavern through the help of the player. The arrow keys are the controls. Beware of the dangers brought by the cavern and successfully return the gem so that Mccoy can return as a boy from being a cactus for quite a while. You can try that game out which is explained in this article to experience the fun and adventure of this platform flash game.

Release your fashion creativeness in Diwata Dress Up

Why is it important for girls to have a sense of style? The answer is because it is one way of appreciating their beauty and essence as well as making themselves appealing and beautiful. Maybe you are wondering why such statement was asked. The answer is because it has something to do with the topic of this article, which is about a dress up flash game.


There are three reasons why this kind of game is greatly appreciated by many people. One is because it is a good medium to express oneself especially with girls. Second is because of the entertainment it brings to players. Last is because it can be a good simulation for aspiring stylist or fashion experts in the near future. The name of the game is Diwata Dress Up. The situation in this game is that Diwata will attend an event and she needs to be fabulous and stylish. The player’s mission is to dress up the Diwata nd make her more glamorous using different tools. It is your chance to unleash or practice your styling skills. Be fabulous. Be stylish. Glam up!

Be a champion in Robot Rage

Robot Rage is an online game where you can play with other players. It was develop and released by Miniclip. Build a strong robot and fight with other players from all over the world in the arena. You can upgrade your robot tank.

Fight with other players to earn cash and even gold bars. Use these cash and gold to upgrade and probably buy new machines in higher levels. Then customize your robot once more, buy body parts, weapons, power ups and defenses, to be stronger until it becomes virtually indestructible. The goal is to be the ultimate Robot Rage champion. But other players’ robot is not the only concern in the game. You should also avoid electric shockers and fire pits. Also, one slip off from the edge of the arena will make you lose.


Practice your business management skills in Beauty Resort

Do you dream of having your own business? Does it involved beauty products and treatments? Does it affirms to be a spa? If you are affirmative about the questions, then you will surely like the topic in this article. It is about a flash game that focuses on business management skills. The title of this game is Beauty Resort. Girls and even boys who love managing a certain business will surely appreciate this.
Beauty Resort is also a good simulation game for virtual presentation and experience. To get more information about this game, scan and skim the content below. At the beginning, you will be given a small spa that you have to manage and improve. Do your best in assisting customers and doing the necessary things in managing the small spa. As you earn money from the daily operation of the small spa, you can now upgrade certain things in the spa. If you are good in business management, you can attain a bigger business establishment in no time.


Hot Dog Bush 2: Make Your Own Business!

A funny flash game is here, Hot Dog Bush 2 which is about running your own business. This game might be helpful for you for giving idea of how to get success in business and be a vendor. So don’t waste time and play now.
You are going to play the role of Bush and have to run a street food business of hot dogs and some other fast foods as well. You will be assigned to gain a certain amount of money per stage and you have to reach that goal. If you cannot reach the goal, you won’t be promoted to the next stage. Keep in mind that whenever the customers will order food, you have to serve those on time otherwise they will get bad impression and leave your food house. So, always be prepared and fast in making and serving foods. Have fun!!

Bush Hot Dog Stand 2 (3)

Escape The Bad Guy And Reach The End In Gravity Boy

This is a great platform game that you can play to relax in your spare time. It is very addictive and exciting! Your hero is a little space guy that uses the gravity to move through the platform. Your hero will be automatically moving to a right side.
Your task is to make him move on the ground or on the ceiling. You will use just your space key to invert the gravity. But he has some bad guy after him and you need to help him get away. He needs to reach the end of the platform and not get caught. There will also be some obstacles that you need to overcome. So you need to be very skillful in order to escape the bad guy. This game also features a multiplayer mode and that’s the most interesting part. You will get points based on you speed and distance you make.


Stunt Pilot 2: Hoop It Up

If you want to experience the hype of roaming above the sky, Stunt Pilot 2 will give it to you. So, here are the findings of what you will expect throughout this spectacular game. If you are particular with the old cellular phone game Bounce, Stunt Pilot 2 is kind of similar.
You will have to maneuver a helicopter in mid air and make sure to get them through the hoops. That’s when the exit will only be available. There are available coins so you can earn higher points but, they are placed somewhere that is not easy to make. It will surely bring out the challenge for you. You must not hit any of the objects in the obstacle, the hoops, the hot air balloons, the towers, etc, or else you will explode and will have to repeat the level. So, if you enjoyed the findings of the game, better start playing now.

stunt pilot 2  (2)

Deliver The Cargo With Gloomy Truck

More racing, more speed, more fun! This kind of games fans will love Gloomy Truck. You are driving a truck and you have some tasks to complete. You have to deliver some items to the right place and try not to damage or lose them on your way. There will be some obstacles on your way that you need to avoid. Isn’t it quite challenging? You will enjoy the graphics and the music of this game. It contributes to the dramatic and exciting atmosphere.
You will be given different kinds of cargo that you will need to deliver to a certain place. But you need to pay attention to the rough paths and broken cars in the way. Even if it is easy to control, since you are using only your arrow keys, you need to be very careful at playing this game. If you like driving, vehicles and challenge, try out this game!

Gloomy Truck (3)

Guide the spikey haired stick man in Fancy Pants World

Tired of the usual flash game seen online? Then there is a new offering for you that will surely changed your perspective in flash game. The one that will be tackled in this article is about Fancy Pants World. This is a great and fun game for people who are looming for a new flavor when it comes to gaming. There are two reasons why you should play this game. One is because of its easy controls where you don’t have to memorize complicated keys. Second reason is the involvement of a stickman which is quite cute and quirky.
As a player, you will have to control the main character which is a spikey haired stick man to overcome the level he is. Jump, run and roll the stickman depending on the situation at hand. But beware of the spiders and cannon shooters because if they hurt the stick man three times, that means the game is over. This wonderful game can be found at online.


Unique driving purpose in Towing Mania

It is understandable that there are many flash games about driving. The tendency with this event is that maybe some players will be confused, bored and get lazy playing such games because they are practically the same. It is now up to the creator on how to make the game interesting and unique despite the fact that the game is about driving. One game that shows uniqueness is Towing Mania. From the title alone, you can easily determine that it is a different type of driving game.
The great thing about this game is that players can have a simulation of how to tow a car because in this game, the player’s role is to drive a towing truck. The player must rule the street and be an authoritative figure that tows cars and other vehicles in designated places and points. Towing Mania is a great example of a game being interesting and unique even if it is about driving.


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