Practice Multitasking in Beauty Resort

One of the most popular themes among girls and individuals who love beauty and pampering is dress up and beauty play. This theme can surely hook the taste of many people who love to find ways or mediums to relax their minds and enjoy their free time with worth playing flash games. There are games that enable to teach young minds about self-appreciation and building confidence with what they look and feel in and out. Beauty Resort is a good example where young ones and even adults can really learn a lot. Beauty Resort is about managing a luxurious resort and spa. The main character is Heather that players have to help managing such beauty business. Time management is necessary because the player needs to multitask in engaging with different customers and guests.
One needs to have fun playing while practicing to manage a virtual beauty business in Beauty Resort. Players will really learn a lot from this game such as the importance of beauty and relaxation as well as a simulation of managing a business.

beauty resort

Survive the Maze in Scary Maze Game 5

Scary Maze Game series is now at the fifth serving, which is the Scary Maze Game 5. Just like in the previous versions, the player needs to guide the ball towards the red box without touching the walls or else, he or he has to restart the game. There are three reasons why this version is scarier and more exciting than the previous ones.
First reason is the number of levels that players can enjoy which totals to 5. These five levels are not walks in the park because the maze gets narrower and tinier. Second reason is the shortcut presented which will make it easier for the player to move the ball. Last reason is the surprise characters that the players will encounter while they are in the game which will either make him or her laugh or scared to death. Scary Maze Game will surely give chill and thrill to anyone who will play it. One must be focus and brave enough to pass the maze. Try this thrilling game now!

Scary Maze Game 5

Play american football in Return Man!

American Football is an awesome sport and if you’ve been wanting to play it but simply don’t have the time (or the body, or possibly the right motivation) to go out and actually play the sport, then an online alternative is here to satisfy you. What game is this? It’s none other than Return Man, an awesome and amazing american football flash game. Run in the field, tackle players and score that touchdown in this cool game. To maneuver your character, you will have to remember a fair number of keys so be sure to undergo the tutorial before playing this game. If you want to play the game now, look these up.
There’s no reason for you to delay and not click the link above now. What are you waiting for? Play Return Man now!

return man

Improve your Farm in Farm Frenzy 2

If you love farm games and task games, then you should try Farm Frenzy 2! It is the sequel of the popular game Farm Frenzy. This game will satisfy your farm madness! It has several tasks that you should complete. Your first task is to feed your chicken so that they will lay eggs. You can sell those eggs to the market to gain money and buy other tools and equipment as well as other animals that could give you more eggs, milk, and meat. You will gain stars after you complete a task. You can use this to upgrade equipment in your farm.
You will surely love playing this game, as this is very realistic and enjoyable. It will test your ability to manage your own farm and your time. Go and play Farm Frenzy 2 and start building and improving your own farm!

Farm Frenzy 2

Help the farmer in where are my bunnies

Today, most children want to play with bunnies but it is very difficult for them as they run very fast and the children can’t catch them. This animal is very attractive in his look and appearance, that’s why kids like them well. Although, kids can’t catch them physically because of their fast running, but a good news for them is that they are now able to play on their computer screen. This game named where are my bunnies is typically made for kids.
In this game, the player will see that somebody did some naughtiness and broke the bunny cages. So as the result all the bunnies released and ran away from the eyes of the farmer. And now, the farmer is very sad about his bunnies and need your help in this regard. Do you have something to assist him?

where are my binnues

Enjoy music in Fancy Pants World

The game Fancy Pants World is a great proof of this fact that the developer of the game is highly skilled person. If you see its features, tools, colors, background, and music, you will admit what I have said above. I am sure he hired a great team to develop this game. Another fact that you can’t deny is that the game is pretty difficult and challenging because the earlier versions of the series seemed perfect if we comment honestly.
The graphics and the audio playing in the background is improved. The music that will be played when you start the game, according to the theme of this game. Unlike the Scary Maze Game, the audio is fantastic and it won’t bore you while playing. The graphics are improved but haven’t such a great look as we see in other online games.

Fancy Pants World

Give it your best shot in Chaos Faction 3

Shooting games are super awesome and amazing. They’re fun, exciting and the challenge you do a good- no, scratch that- very good job at aiming. If you’re looking for a shooting game that will not only challenge you at aiming but actually have someone challenge you, like another player or a computer player, then Chaos Faction 3 is definitely the game for you. Fun, exciting, amazing and challenging, this game is a game you must play. The controls are very easy and the gameplay is very easy to understand. However, it is recommended you read this guide first before you play.

If you’re looking for something fun to spice up you Sunday afternoons, then Chaos Faction 3. Remember that you should read the guide first. What are you waiting for? Read now and play to your heart’s content!

Chaos Faction 3

Shoot and aim in Ultimate Bullseye 2!

Do you love archery? Do you like games that challenge your shooting and aiming skills? Well, if you said yes to all of those questions or at least one of them, then Ultimate Bullseye 2 is definitely the game for you. Packed with so many fun levels to challenge and excite you, this is your chance to prove that your skills in archery are still at the top of its game. The goal of the game is to hit the bullseye with your giant ballista as accurately as you can. It might sound easy but it’s actually not. The controls are super easy so you don’t have to worry about overly complicated controls. You just have to focus on the game and focus on winning.

Ultimate Bullseye 2 is a very fun and exciting game that will surely catch anyone’s fancy. What are you waiting for? Play now!

Ultimate Bullseye 2

More Fun with Kingdom Rush Games

Are you a fun of games that will tickle your strategy skills? Are you fond of acting as a defender and hero? Well then, the Kingdom Rush games are definitely the games for you. Kingdom rush is an installment of four very fun and action-packed games. In each game, your task is the same- to protect the kingdom from all the threats. You get to fight different kinds of villains and use your thinking skills to think of strategies to overpower and outwit them. The controls of the games are simple once you get a hang of it so be sure to undergo the tutorial before playing the games.
If you’re looking for something exciting to occupy you, then Kingdom Rush is the go-to game for you. No more waiting. Start playing now!

Kingdom rush games

Prepare your Explosives in Awesome Tanks

Have you ever dreamed about getting your own tank and fighting against other tank? Can imagine how explosive and fun it would be? Well now you don’t have to imagine because with Awesome Tanks 1 you will sure get that fun and explosive experience! With your orange tank, fight against your enemies and eliminate them. You get to choose from different weapons and as your level goes up, more weapons will be available for you to choose from. To play the game and get more information about the controls and how to play it, click the link provided:
Have super fun with this very exciting game! Fight against other tanks and unlock special rewards and achievements by being the best tank in the game. What are you waiting for? Click the link above and play Awesome Tanks 1 now!

Awesome Tanks 1

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