Blast your way in Crazy Topy

Do you like uphill racing games? Indulge yourself in Crazy Topy. You will be controlling a custom vehicle that looks like a half robot with wheels instead of feet. Topy is an inventor, and since there are a lot of obstacles on the road, he equipped his invented vehicle with a canyon. Race your way to the finish line and shoot all obstacles along your way with your canyon.

Do your best to get there before time runs out for better score. Be careful in travelling for the road is never smooth. Collect coins as you travel to the finish line of each level. Use your earned coins in upgrading your weird vehicle. Upgrade your vehicle by visiting the garage. But you have to reach the finish line for the coins you have collected be credited. Crazy Topy is a unique but fun and addicting game.

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Prove your hands in Dwarf Village

Are you a natural farmer and enjoy farming games? Then try your green hands in Dwarf Village. The red dwarf is new in the village and is just starting his life. Help him in maintaining a farm. Start life with planting turnip and eventually plant more kinds of vegetables and fruits. As time goes by and you earn enough, you can acquire, care for and raise livestock.

Livestock includes horse, cow and chicken. But you have to get a stable, a barn and a chicken coop first. The milk and egg produced by the cow and chicken respectively can be sold. And there is also a Sunday race if you got a horse. Eventually, you can enter festival contests such as the New Year Festival and Cow Contest. Dwarf Village is a time management game which includes strategy. It includes balancing of work and rest while living your day to day life.


A little bit of cheating is tolerable in Hard Rock Racing

Hard Rock Racing is another racing flash game that is getting more popularity nowadays. There are two reasons why. First is because of the involvement of cars as the main vehicle on the race. Second is because of the incorporation of hard rock soundtrack to boost the performance or feeling of the racers. The reason why it is entitled Hard Rock Racing is because of the fact that there is a boosting background sound which uplifts the mood of competitiveness from the players.

Hard Rock Racing (1)

It is definitely a fact that most people love racing games that is why there are lots of this type is existing in the gaming world. Continue reading this article for better understanding of the main topic. Hard Rock Racing is a racing game in which a little bit of cheating can be tolerable. Your goal or mission as the player is to win each track by defeating other racers. But if you feel and notice that there is someone ahead of you, there are weapons that you can use to slow them down such as missiles and bombs.

A Physics-based game in Red Ball

Are you looking for an educational and entertaining flash game? If your answer is a yes, then you are on the right track. This article is presenting a flash game called Red Ball. Have you encountered this one already or not yet? Whatever your answer is, you will be informed about this game. Red Ball is a physics-based game that has a touch of action, complicated puzzles and adventure. Play this particular game at The goal of the players who want to engage or deal with this game is to control, navigate or move the red ball towards the platform.


This is not an easy thing to do because there are dangers and obstacles set up and spread out in the platform. Make sure that you are able to avoid or overcome them as long as you can. There will be instances that you have to put some force, trajectory and push-pull aspects in this game. This is very educational for young ones to benefit from.

Guide the 3 Pandas in the jungle

Are you like physics based games, try playing 3 Pandas. These three cute Panda bears need your help! Some poachers had invaded the pandas’ island and captured these three brainy pandas. They intended to bring them aboard. You must help these three pandas escape from the bad poachers using their own capabilities and skills. But it is not enough that they escape from the poachers.

3 Pandas (1)

When they have escaped from the ship, they sailed to an island they thought was their home. You have to help them survive the jungle they thought was the way to their home. Surpass the many challenges along their way. . Each panda has his own ability you can use in different situations they have to surpass. You can throw the little one up, the tallest can hold the other two while hanging and the stoutest and carry up the two if you need reaching up.

Collect coins for life in Ninja Run 3

One addicting game today is the Run Ninja Run 3. It is an action packed arcade game where you deal from trouble keepers to level up. In this adventure game, the Ninja is very easy to control. He walks through and fights with enemies who come in the way. The Ninja can walk, jump, slide and throw smoke bombs. He also has a shield which you can use in defense. He has to attack his enemy at the right timing.

And in case you get killed or hit a disturbance, you will have to start from the beginning. Do not forget to collect the coins for longer lifetime to play the game. Use the arrow keys to jump and slide. Hit the space bar to perform an attack on the enemy. Click and hold left button of mouse to activate your shield. And right click to throw smoke bomb.


Create your own in Club Penguin

Do you love Penguins? Why not, Penguins look lovely and friendly. In this game, you can create Penguins of your own image and of different styles. Just click resources online to do it. Explore yourself in this kind of art and show everyone how creative you are.


In Club Penguin, you’ll discover some unique combination of colors and shapes that will make your penguin look funnier that the others. What is more exciting in this game is that you will be able to meet a lot of friends virtually all over the world. Share with them your creativity and they will share with you theirs too. Although it is an online game, you need not worry because it is totally safe. There are some requirements though to submit like your personal account and your parent’s email address to make it safer for every member of the Club.

Go Smash and Blast Baseball 2

If you are into sports and you like playing baseball, try your luck in playing Smash and Blast Baseball 2. See for yourself if you can smash each ball on time and hit one of the targets. When the pitch is about to come, an indicator ball will appear.

Smash and Blast Baseball 2

Click on the ball to set the direction and strength of your swing. The longer you drag your arrow, the stronger your swing. Know that where you click the indicator ball determines the lift of the pitched ball you will hit: if you click at the bottom, the ball will go upward; if in the middle, the ball will go straight and if you click on the top, the ball with go downward. To level up, you should surpass the challenge in each level. Each level has a different challenge. Enjoy eleven levels of Smash and Blast Baseball 2.

Be creative in Holly Hobbie: Muffin Maker

Muffins are delicious tasty breads. And it will look yummier if you put some decorations. If you love baking, you will surely be enthusiast about Holly Hobbie: Muffin Maker. It is a cooking game where the Hey Girls, Holly, Hobbie and Amy wanted to help Holly’s aunt. They are to decorate muffins while the muffins are in line production. Help these girls to put on icing, sprinkles and fruit bits perfectly. You may not perfect the decorations at first but you will surely get the grip easily.

Holly Hobbie Muffin Maker' (2)

Click the left button of your mouse on the decoration to release or sprinkle on the muffin. Remember that practice makes perfect. Decorate muffins in the three levels of the game. Click on the muffins for a free recipe after each level. That means you should be quick on clicking the decorations. The game can be let to children for having no violence.

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Drive fast and kill zombies endlessly in Earn To Die 2012 Part 2

Are you looking for a flash game that incorporates different vehicles? Are you looking for zombie-themed graphics and gameplay? Are you amazed with collecting virtual cash or money? If yes, then you will surely like this article. There is a flash game that involves all the mentioned questions earlier. The game is called Earn To Die 2012 Part 2. This game will surely excite, thrill and challenge players. Through skimming and scanning the whole content of this article, you will be enlightened anew about this game.

This is the part 2 of the special edition from Earn To Die. The objective is still the same which is to smash and crush zombies to reach the goal line. You can do this by utilizing vehicles that are available on the garage. There are three types of vehicles and the first one is a fire truck. After you have earned enough cash, you can upgrade it in a big rig and the finals vehicle is the flatbed truck. There are three levels that a player will have to pass such as the Forgotten Hills, Silent Woods and White Peak. Visit it main website .


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