Gloomy Truck: Drive Swiftly and Safely

Get ready for a game that will surely test your diving skills with Gloomy Truck. Gloomy Truck is a flash game that is not about racing against other cars or trucks towards a finish line, nor it is a racing game with enemies that you have to shoot at in order for them to stop bugging you. The game is about successfully driving through very challenging roads with lots of obstacles to deliver goods in the same manner as they were originally loaded to your truck.

Gloomy Truck (3)

Get a glimpse of your gloomy truck and you will surely want to try this challenging game of driving. Each level will have various types of challenges for you to complete. Different types of cargoes needs to be delivered in one piece and on time. The faster you finish each level, the bigger the score bonus that is awarded to you. So always keep in mind to drive swiftly and safely.

Some Football Action on Return Man

If you love football so much and has ever dreamed of playing it, then it is high time you stop the dreaming and play football with Return Man. In this game of serious football action, the goal is to score for your team by catching the ball and then running it towards the end of the opponent’s line to score a goal for your team. Sounds easy right?


But take note that there are also opponent players that will try their best to tackle and stop you from doing so. When they succeed to stop you, then you will lose a possession, lose all four possession and you ultimately lose the game and shall start again. However, if you score four goals, then your team wins the game. You think you can handle it? Then check out this game on and put those skill to the test.

Pick Your Monster In Play With Monsters!

Monsters are kids’ favorite game characters! So in this game kids, but adults as well, can enjoy these amazing creatures. Monsters form part of many games and they can be really funny, but also scary. Depending of the object of the game, they can be sweet or they can be dangerous.

There are many games with monsters, but this one is really unique. Kids just love their appearance because it is more interesting than some regular characters. If you have an adventurous spirit, you will certainly enjoy this game. The purpose of Play With Monsters is to train your monster for different missions. But before you start you can choose your monster among various monsters. Then you will prepare it for some challenges that this game provides. We won’t reveal too much of the game, but what you need to know is that it is pretty challenging and provides a lot of fun!


Play with others in Pandemic 3

If you enjoyed playing Pandemic 1 and 2 before, you will surely enjoy Pandemic 3 more. The strategy game can now be played with other players; with friends, relatives or players from all over the world. It is your job to develop a deadly virus. Infect humans and spread this virus all over the world with the intention to bring death to the human race.

Earn points while the death toll is rising up. Use these points to improve the characteristics of your virus. Modify your virus by pressing the modify button; increase its lethality, infectivity and drug resistance. Remember that the humans are intelligent beings and can find a cure fast. So you have to spread the virus fast and strong before they find a cure against you. Pandemic 3 is a strategy game good for bonding with the family and with friends.


Exercise Those Brain Cells in Submachine 3: The Loop

Looking for an intelligent game that will require you to think more than twice? Then check out Submachine 3: The Loop and exercise those brain cells! Submachine 3: The Loop is a puzzle game that concentrates only on you, the puzzle, and the infinite rooms inside the machine. No other fancy things to collect or a diary to check on from time to time. This game as for starters might be a little difficult to begin with given the fact that there is no tutorial of any kind at the start of the game.


This game is a point and click game, but once you get the hang of it and progresses into the higher levels, you’ll find out that you are already hooked in solving the puzzles. Its rather simple graphics also helps to direct the player’s attention to solving the problem and nothing else. You might also want to try the other versions of this game to see if you have what it takes to complete all puzzles.

Train the duckling in Duck Life

Duck Life is a racing game with an inimitable story. You own a huge farm where you earn tons of money. Unfortunately, a tornado destroyed everything except for one duck egg. Your goal now is to train the duckling to be a racer to make enough money for the reestablish the farm. Train your duck to be good in swimming, running and flying. But do not forget to feed him. Feeding your duckling will give him enough energy for the upcoming races he is to join.

Duck Life (3)

Be sure to train your duck well before joining races. If you win first place the first time you join a race, you will receive huge amount of coins and unlock some features. You will use both your mouse and keyboard to control the duckling. Duck Life is an interactive game. Amid the many games online, Duck Life is among those games that will surely entertain you.

Defense is the best offense in Paper Defense

Paper defense is a free online strategy game. It is available for platforms like android and windows. In the game the main thing you have to do is defend. Using various types of guns and walls you have to defend the base from the enemy waves.

paper defense

Place the walls and guns in such a manner so that the enemy tanks cannot take over the base. Different types of walls are available which will earn you different bonus points. Various types of guns are available which you can use to attack the enemy invaders. With the money won in the game, you can upgrade the guns as per your choice. The game has also a part named ‘Survival’ which has different levels. There you have to defend the base from severe enemy attacks. Controls are simple, only mouse is required to play the game.

Return the gem in Cactus Mccoy 1

Do you like a game that involves a unique story and mission? If your answer is a yes, then you are in for a treat because this article is intended to inform the readers about a flash game which possesses the characteristic mentioned in the question asked previously. The title of the flash game is Cactus Mccoy 1. This is developed by Flipline Studios. The main character in this game is named Mccoy.


In this game, h e is cursed when he stole the precious gem in the cavern. For the continuation of the story, you can rely on the next paragraph. For Mccoy to be human again, he must run, jump and punch his cactus body through the cavern through the help of the player. The arrow keys are the controls. Beware of the dangers brought by the cavern and successfully return the gem so that Mccoy can return as a boy from being a cactus for quite a while. You can try that game out which is explained in this article to experience the fun and adventure of this platform flash game.

Release your fashion creativeness in Diwata Dress Up

Why is it important for girls to have a sense of style? The answer is because it is one way of appreciating their beauty and essence as well as making themselves appealing and beautiful. Maybe you are wondering why such statement was asked. The answer is because it has something to do with the topic of this article, which is about a dress up flash game.


There are three reasons why this kind of game is greatly appreciated by many people. One is because it is a good medium to express oneself especially with girls. Second is because of the entertainment it brings to players. Last is because it can be a good simulation for aspiring stylist or fashion experts in the near future. The name of the game is Diwata Dress Up. The situation in this game is that Diwata will attend an event and she needs to be fabulous and stylish. The player’s mission is to dress up the Diwata nd make her more glamorous using different tools. It is your chance to unleash or practice your styling skills. Be fabulous. Be stylish. Glam up!

Be a champion in Robot Rage

Robot Rage is an online game where you can play with other players. It was develop and released by Miniclip. Build a strong robot and fight with other players from all over the world in the arena. You can upgrade your robot tank.

Fight with other players to earn cash and even gold bars. Use these cash and gold to upgrade and probably buy new machines in higher levels. Then customize your robot once more, buy body parts, weapons, power ups and defenses, to be stronger until it becomes virtually indestructible. The goal is to be the ultimate Robot Rage champion. But other players’ robot is not the only concern in the game. You should also avoid electric shockers and fire pits. Also, one slip off from the edge of the arena will make you lose.


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